About Indo Nepal Safar ?

Indo Nepal Safar welcomes all the travellers and explorers to begin their travelling journey with us. Unlike any other we are the fastest- growing car rental service providers and tour providers in India and Nepal. Indo Nepal Safar provide a platform where you can book your rental cars for travelling at cheap and affordable prices along with the complete money saver package. We ensure that our customers are provided with all the needs and requirements from food, stay, vehicles, travels and other activities. We provide you safe and reliable travels from your destination to the other destinations.

Our Aim?

Indo Nepal Safar aims to provide you with comfortable, secure, affordable and extraordinary tour packages and rental cars for your unforgettable journey from Gorakhpur to Nepal also known as the ‘Gorkha Empire.’ Indo Nepal Safar provide your desired vehicle for travel because comfort and safety of our customers is our priority. You name it and we provide it! 

Our Services?

 Indo Nepal Safar provides you with the customised tour and travel packages, that are especially designed by our experts  keeping in mind the needs of every traveller. Our website provides packages and travel for the family tour, tours with friends and even for a solo trip- cause why not? 

Our services services and packages for:

  • Honeymoon packages of Nepal 
  • Adventure tour of Nepal
  • Pilgrimage tour to Nepal 
  • Corporate tour packages 
  • Sightseeing packages
  • Adventure activity packages
  • And Customised travel plans of Nepal and its destination

All this travel includes the basic amenities and accommodations like food-breakfast, lunch, dinner, stay for the selected plan, and all the nearby places that are near to Nepal. 

Why choose  Indo Nepal Safar ? 

 Indo Nepal Safar gives you a lucrative and huge discount on the tours & travels and car rental packages from Gorakhpur to Nepal. These packages will be according to the customer demand. Our team of  Indo Nepal Safar highly ensure you a comfortable & cosy, safe trip to your destination as safety and comfort of our customer is always our 1st priority. We provide you the travels with the taxi, car, and all the luxury cars for the best experience. Our packages cover all the toll taxes, drivers allowance and fuel charges in your journey so if you pay us once you do not have to pay us again. These packages are for Nepal to Gorakhpur, India and Gorakhpur to Nepal. 

Why Gorakhpur to Nepal?

Gorakhpur lies in the state of Uttar Pradesh and the distance between Gorakhpur and Nepal is 320 km and it takes about 5 hours and 14 minutes. This distance can be covered in less time and it is one of the nearest places to go to Nepal. The road from Gorakhpur to Nepal is not a straight road because of mountains it has curvy roads that take more time but with  Indo Nepal Safar we give you easy and safe travel. 

About Nepal- Nepal lies between China and India in the South Asian part. Nepal is known as the ‘Jewel of the Himalayas’, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with breathtaking mountains, landscapes, waterfalls, glaciers, pristine lakes and the greenery of the mountains that will surely mesmerise you.  It is the country of the ‘Mother goddess of the World ’- Mount Everest, highest and longest peak in the world. Not only this it is also a holy place as it is the birthplace of the Gautam Buddha, Lumbini.

About Nepals’ Beauty- This place is known for its astonishing beautiful mountains, sightseeing and pilgrim places like Pashupathinath Temple, Kathmandu Durbar square,  Buddha Stupa, Swayambhu Mahachaitya etc. It has many soul-awakening places like Chitwan National Park, Garden of Dreams, Phewa Lake, Langtang National Park Etc. Mountaineering and various  adventure activities attract people from all over the world and its ecotourism- tourists that come to visit an exotic place with extra ordinary flora and fauna, that are the conservation efforts done by the activists  and the government.

Activities to do in Nepal?

  • Exploring the history, culture of the country 
  • Tour in the air by helicopter
  • Adventure activities like paragliding 
  • Trekking, climbing 
  • River rafting 
  • Travelling the local markets, bazaars and you can also buy cultural clothes and jewels from there.

Best time to travel to Nepal from Gorakhpur?

There are two different seasons to visit to Nepal from Gorakhpur as it provides you a wanderlust journey with astonishing scenic beauty of vegetation. Although this mesmerising beauty has visitors in all seasons for travel and adventure purposes. Those two best seasons to visit to Nepal are:

  • Spring (March to May) it has the large number of tourists at that time, and one of the best times to visit Nepal
  • Autumn (October to November) at this time the weather is very pleasant, and is not really affected by the cold weather 

Customer reviews!

 Indo Nepal Safar proudly tell their viewers that our tours & travels have infinite happy customers who are satisfied with our services and packages. All our clients had indeed unforgettable, indelible experiences with us on their tour. 

Come book your happy journey with  Indo Nepal Safar ! 

It is our aim and mission to provide you with the excellence and trust of our customers. With  Indo Nepal Safar you can be carefree and enjoy your holidays with your friends and family without any worries.